Flight Plans

The ATC team will be working with the data from different parts of the world including airports, weather reports, air traffic, air spaces and the most important aircraft maintenance data from the client and will be making an advanced flight plans. Our flight planning desk (FPD) will be available all the time over the year to assist our clients in whatever requirements they have regarding flight planning. We are well experienced in dealing with any situations on ground and on air regarding planning the flights.

We tailor the best flight plans based on the individual airplane performances and the departure preferences of flight. We ensure our client that the FPD will work on the flight plans and will make accurate trip timings, routes and also the fuel consumption levels. We are working on the areas like

Flight planning worldwide (metric or imperial) and also electronic filing.
Optimizing multiple routes.
Planning alternate usability of EROPS/ETOPS
EROPS 61 – it is a 180 minutes calculation that comes with the range rings shown graphically.
ETOPS 61 – a 270 minutes calculation that comes with range rings shown graphically.
Drift down in performance of ETOPS
Planning ETP
North Atlantic tracking system.
An organized tracking structure over Australia and Pacific (AUOTS; PACOTS)
Planning a scenario with critical fuel level
Planning the oxygen performance
Multiple flight planning formats
Re clearing flight plans or decision making points
The FPD service will be rendered to our clients based on their requisition to the ATC.

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