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Charter services for the transport of different kinds of cargo are available today. Changing the way we comprehend the traditional form of transportation of goods, these services are reliable and time-efficient. Special cargo transportation cannot be transported through the traditional avenues since safety is a key factor.

With the economical option of air freight services, you can easily transport your valuable goods from one corner of the world to another. Whether you need to transport cargo on an urgent basis or ship goods that are delicate, ATC has the facility to accommodate your charter needs.

Time Critical Cargo

There are certain cargos that need extra care, attention, and protection when transporting since they are time sensitive. We understand that you need the charter services to be quick and reliable so that your goods are transported without any delay or hazard. ATC will ensure that your goods are taken care of and transported based on the pre-decided requisite. We discuss with the client on what would be the most appropriate charter service for their goods transport and based on that information make arrangements.

Heavy Cargo

ATC charter services also offer heavy freight transportation services for companies that need to transport huge and heavy machinery. Safety and quality of the transportation facilities are key aspects of this type of cargo transportation. Based on the client’s instructions, the cargo dispatch is done with utmost care and the loading, unloading process is carried out with utmost caution. Based on the weight and size of the goods, the right aircraft is suggested for safe and effectual transportation process.

Delicate and Hazardous Cargo

Certain cargo is extremely delicate and could sustain damages or even perish under certain circumstances. For perishable goods, artifacts, valuable cargo and hazardous possessions, there are certain kinds of freight aircraft. ATC will evaluate what the client’s goods need in terms of security and facilities to transport the goods safely and in one piece.

ATC understands that every business has different needs; hence they coordinate accordingly to make the proper arrangements. From packing advice to pre-flight details, to safety features and loading process, every detail is taken care of according to the client’s preference. The most suitable aircraft for your freight transport is chosen based on a thorough understanding of the goods and the time allotted.

The time scale and the routes are decided and all the important documentation are taken care of. Many are skeptical when choosing a private shipment agency, but the safety and quality of your goods are taken care of effectively. Every organization has different cargo services based on their resources. We at ATC are dedicated to our work and client satisfaction is very crucial for us. Each of the technicians and freight experts has undergone extensive training and are skilled at handling the cargo with utmost safety and caution.

Cost efficiency and proper management are something we are aware clients worry about. ATC charter services offer cost-effective service that is reliable and efficient. You can go through the inventory of services we provide to know more about the freight transport services that we provide.


With our Wet Leasing(ACMI) the ATC Corporation is providing the aircrafts ready for our clients to use for shipments. We will be taking the complete responsibility of providing the aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance too. The maintenance service we provide for the aircraft will let the aircraft be in peak operational condition. The crew service we offer will make sure that they are ready for the travel and service regardless of the flight timings. Our crew always has a very safe and a very comfortable lay over experience.

Unlike other ACMI leasing service, our ATC Corporation makes the service really very efficient and cohesive with successful operations. We provide the best ACMI service in the industry and since we are based on the assets and with a strong base for the company, our charges for the service is competitive in the market. We make it very simple for our clients to ship their goods anywhere in the world. We also arrange ground transportation so that the goods will be dispatched from the airport to the right place.

We provide a minimum guarantee of flight hours and we take the responsibility of the aircrafts. Other financial needs fees and fuel charges must have to be taken care by the lessee. We provide any other services which are oriented to cargo service, based on the requisition of the client to the ATC Corporation.

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