Charter & Leasing

The ATC Corporation is best is providing aircrafts that can be readily used by our clients for shipments. We provide a full fledged ACMI service to our clients and ensure the best quality of every service with all the safety aspects for the aircraft and the crew. ATC is dedicated to providing you with all the necessary facilities to offer you greater control over the entire proceedings. We always keep the backup and tech-support ready at departure and arrival stations.

Ground Handling

It’s important to us that our customers are not left waiting. From ramp and transport services to specific airport arrival and transfer services, our ground handling services takes care of everything. We work in cooperation with the airline personnel to ensure that your cargo is handled accurately. Safety features are efficiently handled until the cargo is transferred safely to its destination. ATC supervises all the proceedings, according to protocols.

Network & Planning

Planning the routes and network for an airline company is a must. The air traffic must be taken in to account to ensure that the network planned is safe for travel. Any airline company requires assistance in this service. ATC executives have a wide knowledge of the weather and current air traffic, their incoming and timings. We guide on the entire Data Analytics and make sure your flight lands safe.

Airport Advisory

To operate an aircraft, airport advisory is must. Any information to be transferred to and from an aircraft must be done through from an airport. ATC team will negotiate with the airport authorities to assist an airline company in their operation and will get their permission earliest. If your shipping consignment needs special air surveillance and specialized attention, then ATC will ensure that you attain the proper services.

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