Ground Handling

ATC Corporation is best known for the commitments we make and efforts we take to meet up those commitments by ensuring the quality service from agent to operational levels. All our agents are at IATA standard and they all follow the best recommendations and practices in the industry. We are selecting our agents primarily based on the criteria of IATA Safety Audit and Ground Operations (ISAGO), (ISABO) and it also includes reviewing process, practice and auditing method. We investigate of factors such as

Equipment quality
FBO infrastructure
Safety regulations on customer compliances
Customer service quality level
Standard and capability of handling VIPs
An on site ATC supervisor who has the ability to host
An ATC supervisor will always be present on the site and will be managing all the service and ensures the best quality, timely performance and safety aspects. Our on site supervisor will be accessing and allocating equipments based on the type of aircrafts, specifics and payloads. We will be assisting our clients with positioning equipments like MDL/HDL/ASU, etc. We provide alternative solutions for our operating crew to meet all their needs and can also arrange handling services all over the world for any type of aircraft that includes

Supervising quality of GSE usage
Crew terminal assistance
Transportation arrangements from airport
Aircraft security
Cargo handling services
Live updates of all processes
Flight monitoring

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